This summer is the best time to prepare your game for the next season. If you’re guy you should check out the NBA playoffs and take a good look at some of the moves the top players are making. After that, make a drill book and get on the court to start practicing. If your parents own their own house, you should ask them to look into purchasing inground basketball hoops so that you can practice and make your basketball dreams come true.

hp_spal_88307.jpgPlaying basketball on any level can be considered professional depending how you much you work. You could take your game to the next level by playing basketball hoops in your backyard using a heavy training session and guides. Same applies for female players who want to improve next season, just watch the WNBA this season and watch your favorite player moves and get on the court. If you have TIVO, go ahead and record it and watch it over and over. Then head over to YOUTUBE to see if the play is there and add it to your ipod and practice away. Before you ask your parents to buy a basketball court you should find out the best basketball court dimensions for your home. I recommend enough space to do layups and running a little so that you have a real game experience.

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