Shaq’s Big Challenge Drills

June 26, 2007,   has blogged 65  posts

Shaq’s Big Challenge Premieres on ABC tonight! It will be awesome to see Shaq inspire those kids to become healthier while being competitive. Shaq is known for several movies but this could possibly be the best move he’s made on the “big screen”. We are looking forward to the challenge and hope that kids, adults …

2007 NBA Draft

June 12, 2007,   has blogged 65  posts

The 2007 NBA Draft will be held on June 28th in the Madison Square Garden in New York. There will be a total of 2 rounds. Players have until June 18th to be eligible to participate in the 2007 NBA Draft. View the draft order 1.      Portland 2.     Seattle 3.     Atlanta 4. …

Basketball Rebab Stores Online

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We’ve found a couple of note worthy merchants that offer great prices and basketball related injury and rehab products. is restricted to mostly foot related products but our recommended merchant is They have a large inventory and a clearance section with up to 70% off.!

Previously Played Basketball Games Free Rental

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Previously Played Basketball Games Free Rental, Gamefly is a great place to rent pre played free basketball video games GameFly is the better, faster way to get the games you want – and play them as long as you want. You get unlimited game rentals for one flat membership rate, so you can try out …

Basketball Gear at Amazon

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Amazon just doesn’t have books but also DVDS and a wide selection and good prices. If you rather copy a DVD and save money in the long run we recommend you try DVD X Copy!

All Posters – Over 35,000 Posters

May 22, 2007,   has blogged 65  posts with over 50,000 posters to select from is perhaps the best place to purchase posters. Great customer support and fast shipping. But don’t stop there because also has a large selection. recommends All-Posters but has over 100,000 items!

2k3 basketball ncaa review

May 22, 2007,   has blogged 65  posts

This is the best basketball game I’ve played but it’s not perfect. All the teams are here and the players are based on their actual real life counterparts. There are also tons of options, including being able to create your own player and player in high school all-star games. Most of the game play is …

2003 live nba review

May 22, 2007,   has blogged 65  posts

First, I’m very pleased EA Sports decided to continue the “Live” series on PC and release a 2003 version. If they hadn’t, the only basketball simulation on the PC market would have been the 2001 version of “Live” – not that the game wasn’t good, but it pales in comparison to this year’s release. Even …