This is the time of the year when many NBA fans enjoy to see what additions are going to be added to their team. Also when college prospects make one fo the most decisions of their life. Whether or not should they finish their years in college or enter the NBA 2009 Draft. The NBA draft is held towards the end of June after the NBA Finals. Since NBA Commissioner David Stern enforced the rule stating that players cannot enter the draft straight out of high school. Many players attend college for one or two years and many complete college and then enter the draft.

This decision is made by players not by sports agents. Many players in the past have opted out of school to enter the draft and during the off-season they take college courses and still earn their degree. The 2009 NBA Draft has many prospects that range from stars from Spain such as Ricky Rubio to The University of North Carolina’s Tyler Hansborough. Many NBA teams assumed that Hansborough would enter the 2008 NBA Draft, but her went back to school to earn his degree and another chance to win the NCAA National Championship. Rubio a star from Barcelona, Spain is considered one of the best international players since Toni Kukoc, a valuable asset of the 1996-1998 Chicago Bulls championship teams. There are many other players that will make the transition from either college or international play to the NBA. Fans from all over whether it be an international player’s home country watching to see what team their player goes to, or NBA fans watching to see what player is added to their favorite team. So stay tuned to for updates on the 2009 NBA Draft.

When: June 25, 2009, ESPN, 7 p.m.-12 a.m. ET

Where: Madison Square Garden, NY