This is the best basketball game I’ve played but it’s not perfect. All the teams are here and the players are based on their actual real life counterparts. There are also tons of options, including being able to create your own player and player in high school all-star games. Most of the game play is fantastic with only a few minor problems. Lay-ups are constantly missed! Unless your guy is going in for the dunk he’ll miss it from like 2 feet away from the basket, you’ll have better luck pulling off a 15 foot jumper. Forget about blocks too. I can go 3 or 4 games before there is a block shot, either by me or the AI’s team.

Also fast breaks are rather hard to pull off. No matter how alone a guy is the defense’s player always puts on super human speed to get a man back at the last second. Also the simulation of other games you don’t play aren’t realistic. Duke beat Davidson 22-17, as if this is football! It might seem like I’m bad mouthing the game but besides these things the game play is very smooth. The real problem is the announcers. The mistakes they make are too much to count. I could fill out a thousand reviews and it won’t even scratch the surface of all the ones they make. Just a few examples. Team A has the ball and is down 4 points. The announcer will say “with this possesion team A can take the lead!” Since when does a 5 point play exist? They also often get the team who is leading wrong. For example Pepperdine might be up 10 at the half and at the beginning of the second half they’ll go “pepperdine would love to forget the first half but luckily it was only one half”. Yeah, ok, I guess they wanted pepperdine to be up by 50 in order to have a good half!