If you want to start a business as a web host but you find that the start up cost are too much a time then you should think about a turn key web hosting.

As a turnkey webhost you set the price that you want to charge your new customers. There is no programming involved and you don’t even need your own web host to start.

But best of all it is FREE 100%.

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Here are the features:

• Reduced rates of web hosting plans!
• Complete Automation
– automated customer signup
– automated domain registration
– credit card processing
• $4.00 Domain name – the lowest price in the Internet!
• You set your own prices online!
• Fast and dedicated 24/7 support!
• No minimum sales required or anykind of deposits!
• Customizable design and ability to use your own design!
• Host of your reseller site at no charge!
• Detailed reports of your sales!